Are You Struggling With Anxiety?

Do you have racing, intrusive thoughts that interrupt your day and make it difficult to sleep? Have you started experiencing panic attacks? Do you constantly worry about what people think of you and how people will react if you say the wrong thing?

Perhaps your mind is on the go from the moment you wake up and you continuously go over the tasks you have to do because you’re afraid of forgetting something. Or, you worry about the environment or the state of the world and feel demoralized and overwhelmed; if you do, please read my Eco-Anxiety Page. By the end of the day, these feelings of anxiety may leave you completely exhausted—to the point where you can’t even enjoy time alone or with your family.

Or maybe your anxiety has become tied to your self-worth. It’s possible you have a harsh and chatty inner critic, struggle to see the value in your actions, and have little compassion for yourself. You may be something of a perfectionist, and spend a lot of time trying to make sure everything’s right because you fear not feeling in control.

Worse even, your anxiety may have gotten to the point where it’s affecting you physically. Perhaps you experience heart palpitations, chest pain, or digestion issues that don’t have a physical origin. These symptoms may cause added stress, especially if no one has been able to give you a good explanation for them.

Ultimately, anxiety may feel like a weight in your chest. You likely just want to remove it so that you can be happy, calm, and at peace again.

Many People Experience Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is the single most common mental health issue. In fact, it affects approximately 18.1 percent of the US population.

Anxiety is so prevalent these days because of our fast-paced lifestyle. We are constantly on the move, rushing from one task to the next with little time to stop and relax.

And this hectic routine is only made worse by technology and social media. While technology makes it easy to keep up with loved ones and news stories, it can also make it easy to be overwhelmed by the information you receive on a regular basis. Additionally, it’s easy to compare your life to what your friends post on social media and feel ‘less than,’ forgetting that you’re not seeing the whole picture.

Because people have so little time to relax—and may feel like their work needs to be ‘perfect’—it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The constant stress and worry about not being ‘good enough’ can easily bring about feelings of anxiety.

But anxiety is a perfectly natural, human thing. It was designed to help people respond to threats in a beneficial way—so who’s to say it can’t be turned around and used to serve you? With a little help, you can retake control of your anxiety and use it in a way that helps you instead of hinders you.

Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Retake Control Of Your Life

Oftentimes it can be difficult to separate yourself from your anxiety. Your mind can get into a rut where you tread the same anxious pathways over and over again. One of the benefits of therapy is that it can help you change those thought patterns and recognize that you are not equivalent to your anxious thoughts.

I offer a gentle, non-judgmental space where you can talk about your experiences without fear. My goal is to develop a strong connection with you and I feel excited and honored to be on this journey with you.

I believe we must love and accept ourselves—our whole selves—as a jumping off point in order to make the changes we seek. That’s why much of my practice involves helping you learn to understand and accept who you are.

We will often start sessions by talking about your priorities on that day. If I gave you homework in the previous session, we’ll usually check in about how that went during this time. After that, the rest of the session will be tailored to suit your needs. Some people get the most benefit out of talking; others may find it more useful to create art or work with animals.

One of my goals is to eliminate the idea that therapy exists in a vacuum. It doesn’t have to just take place inside a small office or with a very set regimen of techniques. That’s why I offer a unique and varied approach to therapy. For example, we may use mindfulness techniques, art therapy or animal-assisted therapy to help you find coping skills for your anxiety. We may go on a walk while we speak or spend time with the animals outside.

I will always listen closely to your concerns and desires, and we will strategize together to create achievable goals. Sometimes our work will be more insight-oriented; other times you may need some practical assistance. For example, some people benefit from concrete strategizing, such as creating a weekly schedule—including times blocked out for rest. Others prefer to have links to online resources that they can pursue in their own time.

I am very aware of how much trouble anxiety can be when turned against you. When I moved from New York to Colorado, I was affected by very severe anxiety about driving. With some help—and the techniques above—I was able to overcome my anxiety. Thus, not only have I been on the other side before, but I also have ten years of experience treating other people’s anxiety.

Because of all this, I know just how possible it is to manage your anxiety. It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t entirely go away—but you can feel better and you can learn what your anxiety has to teach you.

You may still have reservations about anxiety therapy…

How do I know therapy will help?

Therapy has been shown to be incredibly helpful to people dealing with anxiety. However, I understand that there may not be enough information available to you that clearly shows what happens during therapy. That’s why I offer education on what anxiety therapy will entail. I encourage you to take advantage of my free consultation so that I can help demystify the process and you can make an informed decision on whether or not to seek therapy.

My anxiety may be causing problems, but it’s something I’m familiar with. How do I know life will be okay without it?

It can definitely be strange to live without something that’s been with you for so long. However, without anxiety, your energy can be spent on so many other things you enjoy. There might be a sense of loss, but it won’t be something that lasts. You will have renewed energy whether you use it to pursue your passions or to be still and peaceful.

I’m worried about not having enough control over my treatment.

I like to say that “the client is in the driver’s seat.” This means that we won’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with or you’re not ready for. The focus will always remain on you.

Take The First Step To Overcoming Anxiety

If you are interested, I offer a free 20-minute consultation. Please contact me at 720-491-1533. You can learn how to control your anxiety, face the future with confidence and clarity, and make room in your life for the people and things that mean the most to you.