Groups are a wonderful way to learn, grow, have fun and gain support. I am offering groups in Longmont, and in Boulder at The Boulder Art Therapy Collective.

New Group Starting in Boulder:


Art Group for Kids Dealing with Grief & Loss: Coping through Creativity

When someone close to us dies, we are often overwhelmed by a tidal wave of emotions. For children, they may be at a loss as to what to do with those feelings. This four-week art-making group will offer children (10-13 years old)

  • support from others who are in a similar situation
  • ways to express their feelings that they may not be able to put into words
  • ways to honor their deceased loved one and pay them tribute
  • ways to integrate the life of the person who died into their own, and move forward, while holding them close.

This space will provide a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental environment for children to express and integrate their grief into their lives.

We provide all the art supplies, such as paints, pastels, markers, watercolors, brushes, paper, collage materials, etc., but the participants may be asked to bring in special, meaningful items to integrate into their artwork.

Starting Thursday October 27th, 4:00-5:30 PM

The cost is $100 for 4 weeks.
The group meets at the Boulder Art Therapy Collective at 1400 Lee Hill, Boulder, CO 80301
Contact me to register!


Longmont Groups


Grieving Pet Loss with Art Therapy and Animal-Assisted Therapy

Many of us know how painful it is to lose an animal companion. Like other kinds of loss, the grieving process is unique to each individual and feeling sad, empty, angry, or numb are totally normal reactions. You may also find that you aren’t quite feeling like yourself, maybe your sleeping or eating isn’t quite right.

Sometimes people don’t understand the depth of grief we have when animal-lovers lose their pet. Working with animal-assisted therapy and art therapy, some writing and reflecting, these sessions will help quiet your mind and return some softness, hope and relief to those in mourning.

Individual, group and family sessions are available.


Boulder Groups

The following groups take place at The Boulder Art Therapy Collective.


Body Image Support Group: For Middle School Girls (age 12-14)

Offering a safe and encouraging atmosphere, this group is open to young women seeking tools to explore and build self-esteem, communication skills, and coping skills.  Using art as a medium to access learning and understanding, students will develop skills in self-discovery, communicating with others, and building a foundation for knowing their strengths and inner beauty. Art-making, writing, photography, role-plays, confidence building, and thoughtful reflection are some of the tools used to foster their growth as strong young women.

$160 for 4 weeks.


Color Me Healed: Art Group for Survivors of Cancer or other Serious Illnesses and their Caregivers

This is a 4-week group for adults dealing with cancer, or any other serious illness, either as a patient or family member. The sessions will be built around creating art as way to explore the myriad of feelings and gifts inherent in these life-threatening diseases and how art and imagery can be a healing agent for both survivors and caregivers. Through the art, participants can explore the deeper meaning and life goals that a diagnosis like this offers. You do not have to be an artist to attend this group, but you will need an openness to explore the language of art and the depth of meaning that comes with it.

$100 for 4 weeks.


Supervision for ATR

This group will meet twice a month for 2 hours. The group will consist partly of response art making related to issues of professional identity and ethical issues, such as professional boundaries, self-disclosure, role diffusion, and countertransference. Case presentations will be the other major component of the group. Art materials will be provided.  The rate is $50 for each group session, and I would like participants to commit to 6 months.  Individual supervision is also available.