Art Therapy


Why Art Therapy?

Dealing with trauma through art can help people face their painful histories, their own difficult emotions, and shine a light on how to start integrating these aspects of themselves into a healthy and whole self. Talking may not provide a universally appropriate outlet; in fact, traumatic events can interfere with the brain’s ability to verbalize memories. Through art expressions such as painting, drawing, photography, and collage, and the aid of a compassionate art therapist, creative expression can circumvent the affected areas of the brain and aid in communicating and addressing experiences that are unresolved.

Art Therapy helps with self- esteem and body image issues, which go hand-in-hand for many people. Many people dislike themselves and are unkind to themselves in ways that they would find unthinkable toward strangers. We can talk for a long time about how we feel about ourselves, whether we inflate or belittle ourselves. Some people are talked-out, and others simply feel ashamed or numb and want to evolve and grow; however they do not want to only describe their inner world and behavior patterns in words.


Using Art-Making, Collage and Photography

There are numerous ways to use creative tools such as drawing, painting or clay, as well as collage and photography, to learn to “see” ourselves differently, to see the joy, grace and beauty in each of us.

The uniqueness of art therapy comes not only from the creation of artistic works, but from the life-enhancing quality of the creative process itself, and not least, the relationship of the client and art therapist as they navigate this exploration as partners.

The value of the art therapist to facilitate and process the emotions that come to the fore, once the surface layers are pulled back is immeasurable…this is the first step toward moving forward and healing.

An art therapist will not only support you on your journey, but will be able to work with you to help reveal sometimes surprising insights about yourself through both discussion and art-making.